3 September 2015

Video: My motherhood survival list

Here's my most recent vlog for Channel Mum, about the 10 things that I cannot live without. Have a look! Remember to subscribe to the channel if you like videos about mum stuff...

Recipe: Salmon with quinoa and walnut salad

I love salmon fillets. They are just so easy. Even for someone who isn't very good at cooking fish and meat - it's not the thing I'm best at, I'll admit - you just pan fry them over a high heat and they're on the table in 10 minutes. I love to serve simple and quick things with salmon. And, happily, my kids really seem to like quinoa right now! I know, I'm cringing at how middle class that is...

1 September 2015

Diary: A late summer BBQ

At the weekend we had the most lovely BBQ in the garden. Adam cooked some incredible local steaks; I don't do the BBQ-ing. I leave it to Adam, who is a bit of a maestro when it comes to cooking meat over hot coals. There was a very distinct late summer feel in the air. The light was intense but shadows were dark. Know what I mean? It was a bit chilly out of the sun, but in it you could still burn.

Recipe: Hidden roasted vegetable pasta bake

A could of years ago my son, Arthur (who just turned 5), was well-known in my circle of mums for being a "good eater". He would eat most things, chomping happily on dishes with strong exotic flavours, a variety of vegetables, most fruits, cheese... Then he gradually became a bit of a fussy eater. He now won't eat any cheese apart from Parmesan (middle class!); hates bananas and avocados (used to love them); dislikes most veggies (apart from cucumber); and doesn't like curries or spiced food. Still, as bad as that sounds, I would say he's about average - if not better - than many other kids I know in terms of how many foods he will happily chow down on.

29 August 2015

Diary: Saturday walk

I have made a pretty big decision. Well, it's not earth shattering. But in terms of my Well Worn Whisk 'journey' it's big! I am going to publish a wider selection of posts. About things that reflect our family life here in the Peak District. As part of that I will also be changing the blog in terms of how it looks. Don't worry, I will still always have food and recipes at the heart of Well Worn Whisk. But I just feel like now is the right time to branch out...

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