6 July 2015

Salmon and sweet potato traybake

We just got back from Italy yesterday - we were there to celebrate, over 3 days, a friend's wedding. It was: exhausting, hilarious, moving, relaxing... drunken. I am husky voiced and tired of limb, but oh my goodness did we have fun. It was without the kids, so we kind of went crazy. I was channeling Rachel in Her 20s. But that was fine. It was fun being the old me again!

15 June 2015

A veg-packed lasagne

Things are a little hectic around here right now. We are trying to get the farm house finished, so we can move in at the end of July (we have given our notice on our rented house for this date). The pressure is on. But that's good, we're making lots of progress. Mainly painting at the moment. Then the kitchen is going in next week... It's exciting, but I'm knackered as I try to juggle that, my work, the kids, as well as a very busy time for the school PTA, which I chair.

2 June 2015

Blueberry and lemon curd cupcakes

Isn't summer glorious so far (detect the note of irony in my words!)? It's JUNE! And it's raining. Oh well, I, for one, refuse to get down about it. In fact, in an effort to ward off brain smushing insomnia, I am actually taking a daily walk after school drop off to get some exercise in first thing. (That gym membership was such a bad decision right now, I'm just too busy to find time to go, but a 25 minute walk I can manage.) I am digressing. My point is that once you get outside, with your wellies and raincoat on (I suggest buying a new one to make you happier about the rain) then it's not actually that bad out. In fact, might I suggest that the rain is... invigorating! No? OK...

Veggie lentil spaghetti bolognese

I can honestly say that my kids like this just as much as they do a meat spag bol. It is SO good, SO healthy, SO cheap. My husband, whilst not saying out loud "Please don't cook that for dinner" just wasn't seeming, facially, all that excited about the prospect of a veggie lentil spaghetti bolognese. I admit, it doesn't sound that good. But seriously, it's really nice.

1 June 2015

Chicken, mushroom and spinach pie

I've really needed comfort food the last couple of days. See, I have been having a bout of horrid insomnia. I hate it. It's something that happens to me every month or so. I am trying to address it, but the problem (I think) is that I have too much going on, and my head is constantly buzzing! So, after a non-existent night's sleep, what I crave is quality comfort food.

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