19 May 2016

Thyme, lemon and garlic roasted chicken thighs

And the obsession with chicken thighs continues... this time (no pun intended) with so much fresh thyme you would gasp, heaps of garlic, lemon zest, salt and pepper, and olive oil. OMG this is my new favourite way of eating chicken. It could not be any easier. And it's fairly quick too. The sauce that this recipe creates is heavenly. The skin gets all crispy as you have the heat mega high, turning down after a good 20 mins to ensure brown and crispy skin instead of white flabby skin - no one wants white, flabby skin, I've got enough of that on my own thighs thank you very much.

13 May 2016

Homemade 'Big Mac' burgers

As is well documented, although I generally subscribe to a 'healthy lifestyle', I also believe firmly that life is for living, like actually living, which means choosing the full fat option every now and then. Be it a few glasses of chilled white wine, a large portion of sticky toffee pudding (with cream) - or an occasional McDonald's. And believe me, often my weekends feature all three of the above. What's nice is if you can have a treat, but make it at home, therefore it's more flavourful, and generally way better quality.

6 May 2016

Broccoli pasta (capers, anchovies and garlic)

We just call this broccoli pasta. If I called it by it's actual sauce ingredients - capers, anchovies and garlic - then they would probably go "urrrrgh". Because, you know, kids don't normally dig on anchovies or capers. They do like garlic though. But in this dish they are just a background saltiness, a punchy dressing for the fairly plain greens and pasta.

5 May 2016

Beef in beer

And on the hottest day of the year so far, I publish a post for a warming winter stew *insert laughing emoji*. I'm not so great at posting weather appropriate dishes, am I? Oh well, I stand by this dish, even in the warmer months - and let's face it, British summertime is anything but consistent, so you'll probably have need for it soon enough. I am super busy at the moment, having taken on some marketing work (which is what I used to do before kids). So dinner is sometimes taking a back seat, and I have to think ahead a bit more. I've started using my Instant Pot pressure cooker quite a bit once again. It is such a great investment for busy working mums, honestly. It's what I made this stew in. The easiness of this delicious bowl of goodness is just beyond. Seriously. I'm talking 5 minutes of prep and you're pretty much done.

25 April 2016

Penne with kale, bacon and sun dried tomatoes

When I told Adam what we were having for dinner tonight, he looked well unimpressed. The list of ingredients may not sound that inspiring, but it's all in the detail; lots of garlic, handfuls of Parmesan, liberal seasoning and creating an emulsion (a light sauce) from adding a splash of pasta cooking water.