2 February 2016

Food: Healthier snacking ideas for young kids

Regular readers will know that I am no snacking puritan; I think a sugary treat has its place in life (if my kids had their way, that place would be for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Of course, ideally we would all feed our kids sugar-free, homemade healthy treats in between ideally homemade, nutritious meals. But life isn't like that, is it? We do our best. Also, sometimes, a bit of chocolate or a packet of sweets to share is just want we fancy. But overall, if we were better prepared I think we'd all eat - and snack - better, not just the kids. We could all do with a bit of inspiration for healthy snack ideas. So that's just what I'm bringing you today, in conjunction with Little Dish, who sent me some really tasty and nutritious snacks to try...

25 January 2016

Country Life: How to get young kids into walking

As with most subjects covered on my blog, I do not profess to be an expert in getting kids into walking; but I'm living this experience right now, and learning a few things along the way that I think are worth sharing.

18 January 2016

Food: Squash, sweet potato and ginger soup

Let's talk about 'clean eating'. What does it mean? Well, I take it to imply eating a diet of exclusively unprocessed, ideally organic, plant-based, vegan food. Sounds good? Yep. It does. I love that type of food. In fact, this recipe would slot into the #cleaneating bracket quite nicely thank you very much. And damn tasty it is too...

11 January 2016

Life: What David Bowie taught me about being a parent

Today we learned that one of my musical heroes, David Bowie, has passed away. Like so many people, I grew up listening to him. He taught me that it's OK to be a bit weird, in fact it's bloody great to be a little freaky. But recently he taught me something about parenting too. Yes, really.

Food: Quinoa chocolate chip cookies

I used to be a bit down on quinoa. It was one of those things I wished I liked, like green tea, which makes me want to throw up, by the way. If I ever come to your house for tea, a cup of builder's is just fine. Anyway... I persisted with quinoa and now I love it. If you cook it right and use it correctly it's really quite nice - and it's such a nutrient-rich food. I love the fact that it's like cous cous or rice, but WAY better for you. Read more about it here...