26 November 2015

Diary: First snow of the winter

I'm sorry it's taken me a week almost to post these pictures I took last weekend of a wonderful snowy walk we did with friends.

17 November 2015

Video: Smokey and sweet venison casserole

Eeeek! It's seriously blowing a gale out there! And this is just the sort of dish I crave when it's wet and wild. I love venison. I often buy it when I see it at the butcher's. I tend to treat it like stewing beef; it has a deeper flavour, a bit like Oxtail, but it's very lean, which makes it a healthy choice without compromising on flavour. 

Country living: 5 things I love about my life in the country

We moved from a trendy suburb in South Manchester to a small village in the Peak District in February 2014. Primarily to renovate a Grade II listed farmhouse, but also to try and create a better quality of life for our family. Fast forward 21 months and what have I learned about living the rural life? What are the best things? Here are a few things that I love about my newish country life...

16 November 2015

Recipe: Easy vegetarian burritos

Aren't the free school meals for little ones a Godsend? And have you noticed too that they seem to be getting a lot healthier, with an emphasis on local produce and even organic ingredients? I know school meals range from county to county, but here in Derbyshire they are doing a sterling job. I for one am really quite happy with what my son eats at school. He's in Year 1 and his compliment to me is that my food is nearly as nice as school dinners! But you know what, I'm happy with that.

12 November 2015

Recipe: Quick sausage and bean stew

These days, it's getting very tiresome challenging thinking up dishes that Artie and Bea will actually eat! They were such good eaters as babies but with each new day (now 5 and 3) they get more picky. I persist in serving them decent meals with varied tastes and textures and ingredients, but I do now try and think ahead to make something more suitable for their palette every now and then.

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