25 April 2016

Penne with kale, bacon and sun dried tomatoes

When I told Adam what we were having for dinner tonight, he looked well unimpressed. The list of ingredients may not sound that inspiring, but it's all in the detail; lots of garlic, handfuls of Parmesan, liberal seasoning and creating an emulsion (a light sauce) from adding a splash of pasta cooking water.

22 April 2016

Ragu stuffed peppers

Arthur (almost 6 years old) was telling me that his wonderful teacher had explained to the class that it's really awesome when you dare yourself to try a new food; something you used to dislike when you were younger. You know, when you were, like, 2 or something (!). Just to try it and see if your tastes had changed. He specified peppers, yellow peppers in particular, as the food of choice to which he would apply this theory. He seemed genuinely excited about it. Firstly, how awesome that his teacher has got through to him on this level and got him all eager to try a new veggie. Secondly, why the hell will he listen to her and not me?

21 April 2016

Grilled cheesy meatballs and eggs

I love that whole meatballs with eggs thing. It's a dish of Middle Eastern / North African origin. Shakshuka it's sometimes called, which is a tagine with meatballs and eggs. The combo may sound weird if you've not had it before. Normally when I make that I use prices like cumin and paprika (I know, you are SO bored of me using that combo - but it just works!). Well, this is like an Anglicised version of that dish. It's so blinkin' good.

18 April 2016

Kid friendly chilli with cauliflower rice

Mince. What would mums do without it? Seriously!? It's not the sexiest of ingredients. You never see it on fancy restaurant menus. But why not? I love it! It's versatile, it is a great base to which you can stealthily add loads of small diced veggies and the kids don't even notice, plus it's iron rich and a great source of protein.

13 April 2016

Bone broth nutty squash soup

In the style of beautiful and talented sisters Hemsley and Hemsley, I have taken to boiling my bones. Now, I always used to boil up whole carcasses of chickens to make stock, but in the Brady household these days, every bone gets boiled. As we'd had chicken thighs twice during the past week, I'd saved the bones up and pressure cooked them for an hour (simply boil as long as possible, like 4-6 hours on low if you don't have a pressure cooker).