1 October 2015

Recipe: Slow cooker beef stew and braised red cabbage

I made this stew in my beloved Instant Pot pressure cooker. I develop recipes for them and at the mo' we are on slow cooker ones. Perfect timing, as these nights draw in and the mornings get misty it is just the type of thing I want to cook. I don't share many of my recipe developments but this one was too good not to.

30 September 2015

Living: Why walking is helping me to be a better mum

It's been a huge year, this past one. We moved to the country. We renovated a farm house. Since we moved in during the summer I have been feeling really stressed. I have been looking for health reasons for how I feel; something to pin it on. But it isn't that simple. I've been in a cycle where my energies are all askew. Sometimes I am high, sometimes I am low. I often struggle to sleep. I have too much going on in my head. Occasionally I socially binge drink, thinking "hey, I deserve this blowout!" - then I feel terrible the next day. I've been very tearful. And I've been getting increasingly shouty with the kids, which was literally making me feel physically bad.

29 September 2015

Diary: A day out at Lyme Park

On Sunday the kids and I went to Lyme Park - without Adam on this occasion as he was in Manchester having been to a big bash on the Saturday night. Now, we have been to Lyme Park 100s of times before (it's only 30 minutes from the Peak District.) Normally we just go to the adventure playground, maybe have a paddle in the stream (which we did, below) and then come home. I've always avoided the house and gardens as I just thought they would be nothing special, or maybe a bit dull for kids. Oh my. I was wrong. Really wrong. Yes, Crow Wood (the adventure playground) is awesome; but the gardens are really where it's at. 

Recipe: Butternut squash and mushroom pasta bake

On Sunday the kids and I spent a long day rampaging at Lyme Park (blogging next - it was so wonderful), which meant the planned visit to Aldi on the way home was cancelled. Bea fell asleep in the car and Arthur was on the verge so I sacked it off (I am ALL about making the easier choice nowadays!). When we got home Ad was comatose on the sofa after a big party in Manchester the night before. And there was hardly any food in the house. Disaster was imminent. 

23 September 2015

Recipe: Bramley apple tart

Gosh there are a lot of apple posts on here recently! But I don't apologise; they are in abundance at the moment. A friend gave me a huge bag full so I have been cooking up a storm! There are dishes I haven't even blogged, like the apple crumble with healthy topping that I posted on my Instagram. Then last night I braised some cabbage with apple - I may have to post this though as it was amazing - and my son loved it (major score as he is in a real veg hating phase).

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