30 April 2015

Strawberry, banana and kiwi breakfast smoothie

We try to have as many varied breakfasts as possible at home. This to avoid breakfast apathy, which my kids - Arthur in particular - suffer from. If it were up to me, we'd have porridge topped with fruit most weekdays then pancakes or eggs of some description at weekends. I'd be fine with that! But if we have porridge too often, then he gets very grumpy about it!

28 April 2015

Broccoli, asparagus and spinach pasta with creamy pesto

Broccoli pasta is probably one of my favourite midweek meals - we eat some kind of variant on it most weeks. I just love the fact that the broccoli cooks along with the pasta in salted boiling water, making it super quick and easy. Sometimes I fry off a tin of anchovies (along with the olive oil they come in) and some sliced garlic (plus chilli flakes if it's for for grown ups) until softened but not browned, then toss this simple sauce over the pasta and broccoli, finishing with loads of parmesan. Other times I simply add some soft cheese to the cooked broccoli and pasta, with a little salt and pepper.

27 April 2015

Lamb souvlaki with tzatziki and roasted pepper salad

Villa Plus offer self-catering holidays at a range of top European countries. They got in touch to ask me to create a recipe from one of their holiday destinations. This is to highlight their campaign 'The Cost of Eating Out', which pitches the cost of eating out at restaurants against the spend required to cook the same meals at your holiday home. It's an interesting proposition - and, of course, it works out cheaper to cook up a storm yourself.

23 April 2015

Steamed pineapple upside down cake

There is a time to be healthy and virtuous - and a time to eat sticky cake with creme fraiche... Or so the saying doesn't go! This cake is sticky, and moist, and light. It really is a cake to make you smile. Perfect warm as a pudding, or cold as a tea cake. The kids went crazy for it, although as Bea doesn't like pineapple she picked the fruit out, you know, carefully extracting any possible trace of healthy food as kids tend to do.

21 April 2015

Easy chocolate bark

I made 6 varieties of chocolate bark recently for netmums. I couldn't believe how incredibly fun it was and a total doddle too. I will definitely be making these for edible gifts at Christmas. Everyone who tried them loved all the weird and wonderful flavour combos (I felt a bit like Willy Wonka!) and no one could believe I'd made them - charming!