22 June 2016

Kid friendly chicken curry with mushrooms and spinach

I just love love LOVE homemade curries. They are soooo different from ones made out of jars of sauce, and usually (depends on how good your local one is) better than takeaways - even restaurants mostly. This one is light, healthy, fragrant - and totally child friendly. Mine loved it - asking for more after their first portion (an extremely rare thing, for both of them to like something). I wanted to add sweet potato too, but Adam 'forgot' it on his shop run. I don't actually believe him; he hates sweet potato, so even if he unconsciously forgot it, the fact that he hates it definitely matters. I.e. he has never forgotten beer or wine when on a last minute local shop run...

13 June 2016

New potato and lettuce salad with blue cheese dressing

Everyone loves a salad bar, don't they? I'd really like one in my house, permanently stacked with fresh vegetables, some eggs, potatoes, a selection of sauces and some garnishes too, so I could knock up some winning combos whenever my heart desired. That'd be perfection. Sadly this will probably never happen. Although I do kind of emulate a salad bar in my fridge, and try to have things like bowls of cooked brown rice or quinoa, leftover cold potatoes and cooked beetroot ready to combine with some sliced avocados, tomatoes, or cucumber perhaps. All you need is something to top it with like crumbled feta or some Sriracha and you have a healthy and filling lunch! Voila!

10 June 2016

Lamb's liver and baby onions with bacon

Liver. It's a real divider. Worse than the EU referendum! Which side do you sit on? Many people loathe it; but I also know a lot love it too. For me it's all about how it's cooked. And it's not easy to get it right. The kids used to like it and eat it happily. But now they are a bit older they are really fussy. I'm going to be honest, they loved this dish, but didn't eat the liver!! Therefore I suggest it as a dish for younger kids who don't know what's going on (!) or older kids who are adventurous. I think it's delicious, and so good for you! This method is really easy and quite 'restauranty'. Great with a glass of red.

7 June 2016

Herby meatballs with hidden veg tomato sauce

Sorry I've not been around as much as I normally am. Quick run down of why: got a new part-time, very exciting job (marketing for a tech start up); been on holidays in Spain, then camping (if you follow me on Instagram you'll know about that) and that's it really. In between trying to run every day (reality is a couple of runs a week and becoming puce-of-face as a result), looking after my dog, being a mum and wifey, and general social shenanigans I've struggled to keep up! But don't worry, all is restored now. Well, I'm back from my holibobs at least!

19 May 2016

Thyme, lemon and garlic roasted chicken thighs

And the obsession with chicken thighs continues... this time (no pun intended) with so much fresh thyme you would gasp, heaps of garlic, lemon zest, salt and pepper, and olive oil. OMG this is my new favourite way of eating chicken. It could not be any easier. And it's fairly quick too. The sauce that this recipe creates is heavenly. The skin gets all crispy as you have the heat mega high, turning down after a good 20 mins to ensure brown and crispy skin instead of white flabby skin - no one wants white, flabby skin, I've got enough of that on my own thighs thank you very much.